We all have truths. The things that at their core define who we are. These are my truths:

  1. Time is finite. It’s the great equalizer. No matter if you’re Bill Gates or a homeless man on the street, each of us starts our day with those same 86,400 seconds as everyone else. What we choose to do with those seconds are what counts.Time should be respected, especially others’. Therefore, I try to be as punctual as possible, preferably early to my next appointment so I can respect other people’s time.

    On the flip-side, there’s absolutely nothing that pisses-me-off more than somebody late to a date, meeting, or appointment. There is simply no excuse today.

  2. That the louder somebody professes themselves to be something, the least likely they are to actually be it. You know the type.

    The redneck who professes himself to be a true Patriot but has never read the Constitution or doesn’t remember what ideals America was founded under, or the values our sons and fathers went to war fighting for.

    Then there’s the righteous “Christian” that has never read the Bible, or conveniently forgets that Jesus taught us to open our hearts and doors to our neighbors, that he broke bread with hookers and lepers, he certainly wouldn’t put children in cages, and would totally be down for baking a cake for two women getting married.

    Or the crook that constantly tells you he’s honest and you can trust him.

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