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This is Stephanie Ann Voth. Stephanie Ann is a wedding and event-planner near Tampa, Florida. One of the events Stephanie Ann recently planned was the Homecoming Dance. Stephanie’s mind is stuck in the past. Like, way in the past. I’m talking 1919.

See that gorgeous young woman up there at the top that’s totally rocking that pants and jumper? That’s Senior Darcy Krueger. Darcy lives in 2019 because that’s the fucking year that we’re living in!

Darcy Krueger couldn’t find a homecoming dress that she liked, but she did like a particular jumper and figured this is 2019 and girls are supposed to be woke and empowered now.

But when Darcy Krueger showed up to her dance wearing her navy jumper and killer silver pumps, Stephanie Ann Voth was having none of that and turned the young woman away.

Stephanie Ann Voth did eventually refund Darcy Krueger’s $50 that she paid for the ticket, but by that time the damage had already been done.

Since Darcy is a Senior this year, she won’t have any other opportunities to have a homecoming and celebrate in this special moment of her youth.

Shame on Stephanie Ann Voth for creating such a restrictive dress code.

Shame on Stephanie Ann Voth for turning Darcy Krueger away over herĀ very chic outfit.

Shame on Stephanie Ann Voth for not getting her head out of her ass and refusing to live in the present.

Kudos to Darcy Krueger for not only rocking that outfit, but for standing up for what she believes in.

The World needs more Darcy Kruegers and less Stephanie Ann Voths.

Stephanie, go back to your shoe.

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